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Make the Most of Your Donation

Consider Sponsoring a Donkey


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Become a Mini, Standard or Mammoth Monthly Sponsor!

Many of our senior donkeys will reside at the rescue for the rest of their lives.There are different reasons why each one should remain, but, in essence, these older donkeys require more specialized care, and we feel they have been through enough changes in their lives.They are happy and secure here, and we know best how to meet their needs.

When you sponsor a donkey with your monthly gift, you help us provide and budget for not only their basic everyday needs, but also for the unexpected. Special supplements or medication, vet visits and hospital stays are always potentially part of the care of our seniors or other donkeys with special requirements.By having multiple sponsors for our donkeys, you help us cover our daily expenses for them so that we are prepared for the unexpected.

There are 3 levels of sponsorship which coincide with the three sizes of donkeys: mini, standard and mammoth. At all sponsorship levels, donors receive a sponsorship certificate and a card with the donkey's picture and biography.Monthly sponsors are also welcome come visit their sponsored donkey (please check out our “Want to Visit” page for details).

Mini ($25 monthly)

  • The “mini” level provides hay for your sponsored donkey.

Standard ($50 monthly)

  • The “standard” level provides hay and bedding for your sponsored donkey.

Mammoth ($100 monthly)

  • The “mammoth” level provides hay, shavings, a hoof trim, and some basic veterinary care for your sponsored donkey.